Hides in Hand

Our story begins in the small town of Rockwood Ontario, immediate neighbour to Acton, also known as “Leather Town”. During the 1950’s, the Halton Hills area was well known for the leather industry and it’s many quality glovers and tanneries. The surrounding area offered premium hides from horse and cow, all holding perfect natural qualities for crafting industrial gloves and apparel. Business couldn’t be better for the leather industry.


During this time, Marzo Glove had been a successful manufacturer, supplying hydro and welding industry workers with gloves/apparel. As the needle trade industry began to favour off shore pricing and importing brands, the local handcrafted products with a higher price became less desirable. Local tanneries and manufacturers began closing their doors. In 1996, Marzo Glove restructured and changed their name to Hides in Hand. With the introduction of Moose, Deer and Buffalo leathers, Hides in Hand began to design fashionable hand wear and focus less on industrial/protective wear. Shortly after, taught by our respected Native friends, we began creating authentic moccasins and other leatherwear items. Ignoring the economic downtime, we wanted to create a superior product that would maintain the history of Canadian leather quality.


Today we are one of the few remaining leather manufacturers from this historic region. We thrive on creating 100% Canadian Handcrafted products using regulated hides collected from local hunters. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use inferior substitution leathers or import any foreign materials used in our products. Hides in Hand is about keeping quality and tradition alive within the leather industry and protecting our resources and animals to maintain renewable resources.



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